School Trips & Voluntary Contributions

School Trips and Entertainment

St Paul’s operates an on-line system to enable parents to make voluntary contributions for their child, for trips, school events and donations to the Governors' Fund.

At the beginning of each term, trips and events are activated on the system and parents are advised accordingly via Parentmail and invited to make these voluntary contributions.

To create an on-line account or to contribute to your child's trips and events click on 'Trip & Entertainment Payments' button below:

Trip & Entertainment Payments

For further help, download our Parents User Guide.

If you require further information, please contact the school office at

Governors' Fund

St Paul’s School prides itself on striving for excellence in education. To enable it to do so it has long relied upon additional parental contributions, other than the funding provided by the Government. This allows the School to be resourced with staff and materials to a higher level and to maintain higher standards.

Should you feel you are able to contribute, please download a standing order form and a Gift Aid form and return to school for the attention of the Treasurer to the Governors' Fund.

Parental contributions are completely anonymous, known only to the Treasurer to the Governors' Fund.

One-off contributions are always gratefully accepted. Should you wish to send a cheque, the addressee should be St Paul's Governors' Fund.

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